About – the battle against IT Buzzwords

About – the battle against IT Buzzwords

IT industry’s fascistnation with fashion seconds only the actual fashion industry. Everyone in IT seems obsessed with using the newest IT buzzwords and praising all the ways it will improve their project or taunting that this is now the only true way to do work. This project was started to let some steam from constantly having to listen or read about buzzwords from people who know nothing about the context of the problem buzzword was supposed to solve, or people who are trying to sell a “solution” to your organization*. 

Why talk about IT Buzzwords?

Don’t get me wrong, pretty much everything you will read about here has a valid real-life use case. Somebody put their heart and soul into making it an ideal solution to a problem in their particular environment. My problem is the people who see other people’s success and single out one concept or one technology as the source of all their success. This usually ends with someone defining a magical solve-all silver bullet and then proceeding to try to sell said silver bullet to the gullible and the naive. And as with proverbial silver bullets, they might be good or adequate for killing werewolves but they are pretty much useless, ineffective, or outright dangerous in every other case. 

Being able to look up what a particular buzzword means might save you from feeling stupid and left out and also it might save your company and project from implementing something just because it sounds cool. Here I will strive to provide you with precisely that information, and also hopefully also a few snarky commits to use when someone taunts that <<insert buzzwrd>> is the best thing since sliced bread. **

About me

I’m a DevOps who spends his work time playing around kubernetes, CI/CD, and various sysadmin stuff ranging from barebones server to cloud. In my free time, I like to cook, read, deliver technical and soft skills training sessions, tinker around anything I can get my hands on, and travel all over the world.

Feel free to reach me through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or the contact form.

* I realize that not everyone is clueless or looking for profit. It’s just that I find these people lauder and more willing to randomly mention all the cool sounding stuff they are doing (I’m assuming this is some IT equivalent of buying a Ferrari). 

** I have a dreadful sense of humor and I’m perfectly aware I should be punished for all the world play that will find its way into this website. In case this produces physical or mental discomfort I apologize and vow to never stop doing dad-pun jokes.

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